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Weekend Updates

Not much going on this weekend so I was able to spend some time updating the links in the left column. Some were getting a little moldy. There’s nothing scientific or even political about the sites I have over there. Just a collection of sites that I find consistently interesting, amusing and/or informative.

New to my regular education stops are five blogs by teachers or prospective teachers, Apple Core, The Blackboard Jungle, An old soul, This Teaching Life and A View From The Classroom. All came highly recommended and haven’t disappointed. Take a look when you have time.

Under news and opinion I’ve added a site called Fact Check.org which looks like it could be a great resource in this election year. They are trying to provide some objectivity by pointing out the factual errors in the political ads on both sides of the fence. If they do a good job, their pages will be very long. Also check out The Hamster, especially on Mondays when the comics arrive.

Finally, there’s another new site that I’m not entirely sure of. I’ve had a site on the web for a long time and as a result I regularly get email from people wanting me to link to them. Their pages are almost always ads, and have a tenuous connection to my site at best. They always go directly to the digital trash can (no recycle bins around here!). The email from Eduwonk was different. The site is an education news log from some outfit called the Progressive Policy Institute and, so far, looks like a good addition to the daily reading list.


  1. Chris Lehmann

    Thanks! I’ve been reading your site for a month or two now and enjoying it greatly!

  2. Christopher

    I am going to look into some of those Edublogs. May add them to my own list.

  3. SuzieQ

    Thanks for the plug. I’ve been a regular reader of your site for some time, too.

    Keep on blogging!

  4. shari

    Hey, thanks for the link! You’re on my list for must-read edublogs.

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