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Going Offline (Mostly)

After a couple of days to recover from the trip to San Antonio (and do the laundry), tonight we’re off to London for a week.

The choir in which the musical wife sings will be performing two concerts with the London Symphony Orchestra at St. Paul’s Cathedral as part of the City of London Festival.

The program is Mahler’s Symphony No 8 (which seems to known as simply THE Mahler) and I gather that both dates are sold out. [Anyone want to buy my ticket? Cheap?*]

Since I am decidedly non-musical, my purpose in going is primarily to spend some time in an interesting place that is not here. And take lots of pictures without getting arrested.

Our hotel is on the north edge of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, which should make for some good morning explorations and photo ops.

Anyway, while I won’t have the usual constant connectivity, I am taking the iPhone, mostly for the video (need to catch up on Dr. Who) to blunt the boredom of the long flights.

And if I run across some free wifi connections (the world’s largest Apple Store is three or four tube stops away!), I may experiment with posting some short entries and a few tweets.

Or maybe not.

Actually, for a short time, it will be nice to disconnect from the normal information overload.

[* I’ll be in trouble for that one! :-)]

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Hi Tim,

    My favorite must do’s in Londong (in order) are:

    The Beefeater’s Tour at the Tower of London
    Seeing a play at the Globe
    Taking the “Jack the Ripper” evening tout

    Yes, I AM a tourist!

    Have fun,


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