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Happy Work

According to Time Magazine, special education teachers are pretty happy with their jobs.

When you roll over the lines in their interactive display you find that 52.6% of them say that they are “very happy” in their work. That’s pretty high on the scale which starts with clergy (67.2%) and ends with gas station attendants (13.2%).

Slightly less than half the teachers as a whole are satisfied with their jobs, which still puts us in the upper 10%.

Oddly, the job satisfaction of librarians comes out at the bottom of the clergy and education group (which is itself an odd classification) with only 25.2% saying they’re very happy.

Now, I’m always suspicious of these surveys since there are a huge number of factors that come into play when you ask anyone about their “happiness”, especially when it comes to their job.

But what is it with you grumpy librarians? :-)

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  1. Doug Johnson

    All I can guess is that they surveyed public and academic librarians. I’d count school librarians in the general “happy” educator category.



  2. Mark

    Absolutely stunning to me that the highest number is around 63%. If I didn’t love my work, I would move on. Maybe I should consider myself fortunate.
    Looking at the other parts of this “report”, I can’t help wonder if Jay Matthews was somehow involved ;-)

  3. diane

    With a K-12 position, it would depend on what day you interviewed me.

    Christmas coming + the Kindergarten from Hell = grumpiness to the nth degree.

    Overall, I love my job. Hugs from the elementary kids, smiles and high fives from middle school/high school.

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