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Taking a Big Gulp of Kool Aid

Ok, it’s taken six months but I finally succumbed to Steve Job’s Reality Distortion Fieldâ„¢ and bought an iPhone. Actually, we bought two since my wife had to have one as well.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks but so far the device has completely lived up to the hype. And the phone is the least of it.

What I’ve got here is a great media player, a pretty good PDA, the start of an excellent internet device, all attached to a decent phone.

In fact, the biggest complaint I’ve read about the iPhone is the AT&T network that it’s attached to. It certainly is dog slow.

But I can find a wifi connection most places I go and that more than makes up the difference.

Even the on-screen touch keyboard, possibly the most debated feature, has been very easy to learn and to use.

Of course, these are just first impressions. We’ll see how well I like it after living with it for a year or so.

However, I still think the iPhone, not to mention the Kindle, the XO, the Asus Eee PC and a growing number of other portable devices, could very well be personal learning tools of our not too distant future.

And, yes, I posted this from the iPhone. Not quickly or error free but the process was all part of my personal learning. :-)

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  1. Richie

    Ah, wish I had an iPhone… got my daughter one of those tough screen iPods. She loves it. I must say it’s pretty cool…

    Now, on another matter…
    Let’s play tag! (You don’t have to, but I’m hoping that you always got “played well with others” on your report card and won’t mind playing. If not, sorry to have bothered you.)

  2. Mark

    The last line is the one that caught me: “…all part of my personal learning.”
    Therein lies one big taproot to many of the problems associated with teaching and technology: the attitude that many (not all) teachers hold about their own learning. As in, they don’t feel as though they’re included in the group that has to do any learning. Hats off for pushing your own limits, even if only to play with your new toy ;-)

  3. John Hendron

    Congrats on the iPhone! I got mine on the day coming back from NECC… had a very good friend wait in line for me.

    After this many months, it still holds up well. I do recommend some kind of case/holster; mine has survived two drops because it was in something.

    Three services I have really depended upon with the phone are:

    – I want Sandy
    – Google Calendar
    – Jott.com

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