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I’m Done With Travel

Not forever, of course. Don’t be silly.

But, after three extended trips in the past three months, it’s time for a break and some time at home.

Don’t get me wrong: I love exploring new places and the recent trips have been wonderful. But it takes time to readjust to “normal” life once you return from far-away places and different situations.

And you always need to return home at some point, otherwise it’s not “home”.

Besides, it’s not like there is nothing to do around here. I have several local photo projects planned for this spring and summer. And there are plenty of projects that need doing around the house. Like the yard. (ick!)

Anyway, after a coming photo post from the Ireland trip, I’ll pause my blathering about travel and return to other topics that have been running around my warped little brain.

Thanks for reading this mess.

The photo is just one example of the amazing landscapes we saw in Ireland. This is the area around the Rock of Cashel, a medieval site that dates to around 1000. In the US, that wall would be considered “old” if it had been built in the first half of the 20th century.



    You were smart to travel during the shoulder season this year. The crowds are supposed to be bad this summer – I am concerned.

    Look forward to your Ireland photos and your blathering.


  2. tim

    I agree about the shoulder seasons. My favorite time for travel to most places is October or November since the weather is usually still good, with fewer crowds, and lower costs. I think you’re right to be concerned about summer travel, especially this year.

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