In The Neighborhood

After two days of riding the bus in traffic to various locations, we spent today exploring the neighborhood around the on foot. Which still looks like a big city with tall buildings and plenty of development (the first line of their new subway system opens next year). Although the weather is very nice, we saw few people on the beach. Bathing season starts July 1 (ending September 15) and I guess most take those dates very seriously.

Aside from the sightseeing, the reason we're here is the series of concerts my wife's choir is doing with the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra, the first of which was tonight in their home hall. They are very strict about photography (everyone is carrying a smart phone and not shy about using the camera!) so this is a shot of the choir filing out after the performance. I was probably caught on security cameras and will deported soon.

Tomorrow we are headed for Beijing on a bullet train.


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