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After watching the video stream of the MacWorld keynote last night, I need to start saving my pennies.iPhone

Sure, I know Apple’s new iPhone won’t be available until June and that most of the features can be found in other devices right now.

But watch the demo. If the interface is half as slick as it looks, this may almost be worth what they’re charging for it.

It’s got to be better than the Palm OS on the handheld I’ve got now. And certainly better than the Windows Mobile OS on the device I gave back to my office after trying it for a few days.

Actually, I really don’t care about the phone part anyway.

I’m hoping Apple will bring out a less expensive companion device without the phone part and with a hard drive instead of flash memory. Something like that would be a great replacement for both my three-year-old iPod and Palm.

Now, where did I put my piggy bank? Technolust is an expensive addiction.

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  1. Anna

    You know, I was asked if I wanted it just because it was an iThing. I have an iPod, four iDogs, I use iPhoto and iMovie and iDVD. I don’t care if they call this a Big Giant Turd, iWantItNow!

    I do have a concern that hitting the right letters on the touchscreen will be a bit difficult. But iDon’tCare!

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