It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the school voucher program imposed on the District of Columbia by it’s big nanny on the hill (aka Congress). No wonder. A new report shows that only about 75 of the 1000 DC students who received the vouchers to attend private schools actually came from low achieving public schools. And 200 of the others were already enrolled in private schools when they got the federal check.

Those statistics are bad enough but it’s not as if anyone running this show wanted the taxpayers to know what they were getting for their money.

But the document also includes e-mail messages, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, in which officials from the voucher program and the U.S. Department of Education discussed how to obscure facts that could be politically damaging.

They obviously have a lot to hide. Such as the news that the private schools which agreed to participate had the right to reject individual students based on their test scores. So, in addition to giving most of the money to students who were marginally qualified at best, the private schools are also cherry picking the better kids from that group. Great way to show what a miracle vouchers are for all kids.

So, what about year two of the five year experiment? The administrators say they should have "better luck" this fall since the number of DC schools declared failing under NCLB is now 68 instead of 15. Well, that should certainly cover the shortfall of qualified students receiving vouchers. Now, how about some proof that vouchers will improve the public schools?