It’s rather depressing when kids are so over-stressed by their school schedule that they must be ordered to take a lunch break.

But nearly half the students at Briarcliff High School have packed their schedules so full that they do not stop for lunch, prompting administrators to rearrange the schedule next fall to require everyone to take a 20-minute midday break. They will extend each school day and cut the number of minutes each class meets over the year. Briarcliff currently does not require students to have a lunch period.

In a school where SAT scores are the talk in the hallways and more than half the seniors are accepted to their first-choice college, Briarcliff’s principal, Jim Kaishian, said mandatory lunch is intended to reduce stress on teenagers so caught up in the achievement frenzy they barely have time to eat or sleep.

We have plenty of students in the schools around here enrolled in four, five, six AP classes each semester, sometimes in subjects in which they have no interest.

But more is better, right? And the more they take, the greater their chance to get into that one magic college.

Plus it certainly makes the school look better.