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Listen To The Kids


The New York Times recently published a report on two studies showing that young Americans are “anxious about their lives, disillusioned about the direction of the country and pessimistic about their futures”.

Which is hardly surprising considering the behavior exhibited by most of their national “leaders”. As well as much of the news media.

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What Are The Kids Up To?

Screenshot 2023 01 10 at 8 15 41 PM

I’m always rather cautious of major media outlets writing about trends among “young people” or telling us about whatever is hot in whatever the up-and-coming Gen-something is.

No matter how old they are, taking the behavior displayed by a select group of people and extend that to millions in the same demographic, age range, or area of the country is difficult at best. At worst, it leads to unreliable generalizations and stereotypes.

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Missing the Point

Homework - vector maths.jpg

How much homework should students be required to do every night?

In his column this week, Jay Mathews is outraged at the commonly-repeated number of 2.7 hours. He claims the amount is currently more like an hour a night, after “an inadequate average of five hours of class a day”.

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