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Locked In

Here’s a sample of the type of restrictions big media companies would like to see imposed on your use of their programming.

Phillips, the giant electronics manufacturer, has patented a “technology … [that] would prevent users from changing channels to avoid watching television commercials as well as prevent viewers from fast-forwarding through recorded advertisements.”

Disabling your remote control would be triggered by a “broadcast flag” placed in the material by the advertiser. Phillips also notes that the system might be set up so “viewers could pay a fee to broadcasters or providers to re-enable channel-switching or ad-skipping technologies during commercials”.

And aren’t you looking forward to having those features in your next TV/DVD/computer?

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  1. Ms. Cornelius

    There will be Phillips equipment in my house, then. All that will accomplish is that I will watch a lot less broadcast TV, which is already declining due to the paucity of interesting fare in the face of a billion different versions of reality TV.

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