The folks at the IPac Blog have noted a subtle but significant change in the approach being taken to online file sharing by the music industry. With the very real prospect they may lose their legal challenge against Grokster before the Supreme Court, they have switched from saying peer-to-peer swapping is "illegal" to saying it’s "immoral".

With that, the writer proceeds to ream the industry for some of their immoral – and stupid – behavior.

You want to play that way? OK, I’m game. Let’s go along. If the industry wants to have a discussion on morality, lets have a closer look at this black kettle, the house of glass they want to throw stones from. Let’s examine how the industry arrived at where it is today — but according to their wishes, from an ethical standpoint.

Remember, we are not arguing about what is legal, but rather what is RIGHT or WRONG:

Price Fixing: Wrong (and Illegal)

Copyright Extension: Wrong (but Legal)

Radio Consolidation: Wrong (but Legal and Dumb)

Refusing Digital Distribution: Wrong (but Legal and Very Dumb)

They include a lot of detail following each of those categories pointing out just how the industry’s business practices have led them to the problems they have today. A great rant!

Side note: The NY Times has a calmer but still good summary of the legal issues and historical perspective of this case.