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Missing Out

We had the first snowfall of the season yesterday, enough to cancel after school activities and cause a two hour delay this morning.

Or I should say THEY did. I’m a couple hundred miles south at a conference reading about it in email and blog postings.

I have these feelings of missing out on something special.

This may sound strange for those of you who live in true snowy areas, but you need to understand the attitude towards snow in the Washington DC area.

Real snow falls are just rare enough to make them events. Any accumulation is enough to send the population into high panic and completely tie up transportation systems for days.

The weather people on local television boost their ratings by simply mentioning the white stuff in news report teasers.

And drive kids (not to mention their teachers!) to perform all kinds of rituals to encourage mother nature.

Winter is here. Bring on the snow!

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  1. Doug Johnson

    A short homage to snow days:


    The Mankato Area Public Schools are closed today on account of snow. You have to work in schools and live in the northern parts of the United States to understand the real meaning of “snow day.”

    It is God giving you an additional day of life.
    It is looking out the window and seeing beauty in the snow and wind rather than work.
    It is getting to that movie, that book, or that task that would have eaten up a weekend – guilt free.
    It is digging out and fixing a favorite soup recipe that takes too long to make on most days.
    It is not being jealous of your colleagues’ weather in the South – for at least one day.
    It is remembering the delight of having a snow day when you were a kid.
    And the best thing – it is not setting the alarm knowing tomorrow will be a snow day as well.
    Do I sound insufferably smug and happy? Good. I am.

  2. J.D. Williams

    I don’t think we’ll get any snow days here (Phoenix). The kids do go crazy though when it rains.

    I grew up in Montana. (’79-’02) and can only ever remember having two “snow days.” The temp had dropped below -20 for more than one day so they closed school.

    After living here for 4 years, I have to wear a jacket when it gets below 70 degrees.

  3. Tim

    In the time I lived in Tucson, we saw snow a few times. Nothing major, just enough to be a novelty. Can’t say that I ever heard of snow in Phoenix, however, just flash floods. :-)

    Thanks for putting our wimpy snow days in perspective, Doug. It sounds like you know how to enjoy your impromptu day off.

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