Personality Mismatch

This week has been pretty much a blur.

Early Wednesday morning I drove five hours south. Then spent a day and a half at the state tech leadership conference, presented my session, and drove home.

On reflection, the two days were only marginally worth the time and effort.

Every conference has it’s own personality. Some are serious, others are more friendly. The really large ones like NECC are three ring circuses with a side show for everyone.

This one tended more towards the serious, was rather claustrophobic (most of the vendors were set up in the halls), and most of the sessions seemed to focus on the back-end boxes and wires of technology in education.

My presentation went pretty well, but I’m not sure it really fit the program.

Now, I certainly understand how important infrastructure, and the people who make it work, are to enabling all the stuff we do.

I just don’t care to know about the details anymore. I’m far more interested in the front end, on helping teachers and students to use all the pieces to communicate.

So, this was the first time I’d attended this particular meeting and it didn’t mesh with my warped little mind. No problem, but I probably won’t be back.

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