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Muppet Lust


It’s too much money, I certainly don’t need one, this is something for kids…

I want one!

FAO Schwarz, the classic American toy store, will let you build and buy your own Muppet.

[Thanks to John for the link]


  1. Jenny

    At that price it certainly isn’t something for the kids! I could waste a lot of time just creating some on the website though.

  2. The Science Goddess

    I want one, too!

    I shiver, however, to think about how many Muppet Pr0n hits you will get with your header. LOL

  3. Tim

    Yeah, I didn’t really think that header through, did I? I’ll have to check my logs later to see how many “alternative” sites I popped up in.

    And Jenny, I spent too much time playing with the site after I ran across the link so I had to write the post to hook others into wasting their time. :-)

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