This week two more states are looking to fight W and friends over the train wreck that is No Child Left Behind. The Utah House of Representatives, rather than outright rejecting federal funding, voted "to prohibit the state’s education authorities from using any local money to comply" with NCLB. The net effect if the bill is passed by the State Senate and signed by the Governor, is that the state would be saying to the federal government "we’re going to find out if the amount you’re sending us is enough". Considering how Utah politics are completely dominated by Republicans, that’s a pretty nasty thing to tell a President from your own party.

Meanwhile, in my home state of Arizona (where Republicans are also in the majority), politicians from both parties are looking for some way to send the federal government the same message as Utah (and Vermont and Virginia and ?). Exactly the form that message will take is still being argued but I do like what the House Majority Leader said: "I want to tell the feds they shouldn’t be involved in local education." Interesting. That sounds a lot like the traditional Republican philosophy of local control with minimal federal intrusion. What ever happened to that?