The Bush administration is proposing to double spending on sexual abstinence programs that bar any discussion of birth control or condoms to prevent pregnancy or AIDS despite a lack of evidence that such programs work.

Wait. It gets better.

Independent researchers who are studying abstinence-only programs for the federal government said in their first report two years ago that no reliable evidence exists whether the programs work. They are expected to issue an update soon.

And better still.

The president also would move the programs into the same agency within the Health and Human Services Department that oversees religious-based programs and the president’s proposal to promote marriage.

And for the finale…

Advocates of comprehensive sex education said the shift, coupled with the additional money, is part of Bush’s election-year appeal to conservatives. They said the administration’s proposal flies in the face of research that credits both abstinence and contraception with reducing the teenage birth rate by 30 percent in the past decade to historic lows.