No Difference

Living in a political “battleground” state, we get far more political advertising than anyone deserves.

I ignore most of it but there is one education themed ad I’ve seen more than a few times and that especially bothers me.

It’s an official Obama ad (as opposed to the even worse stuff from the “independent” groups) and features a couple talking about what cuts in education spending (proposed by the other guys, of course) might mean to their children.

At one point the father says “you can’t do this by shoving 30, 35 people in a class and just teaching to some test”.

Well, that’s rather disingenuous.

The education policy of the Obama administration is still very much focused on teaching to a test. As far as I can tell, Governor Romney is also a big supporter of standardized testing as the primary method of assessing student learning.

Although there are many other areas in which the two Presidential candidates differ significantly, their ideas when it comes to education reform are pretty much identical.

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