No Honor For You!

I never thought I’d be saying this but, I actually agree with Pat Buchanan on something! It was recently reported that Nashville schools have stopped posting the honor roll in their schools "on the advice of school lawyers" so as not to embarrass the "underachievers". Pat doesn’t think too much of the policy and neither do I.

While grade inflation can sometimes diminish the value of academic awards (how about 62 valedictorians in one graduating class?), there’s nothing in the world wrong with honoring those who do well, especially in academics. As for those "underachievers", maybe the honor roll will give them some incentive to do better. But even if it doesn’t and their self-esteem suffers a little from not making it, that’s no reason to deny the award to the students who deserve it.

As to agreeing with Pat, he seems to see this as having the potential to destroy American society. I just see it as another stupid exercise in political correctness. I’ll return to differing with Mr. Buchanan now. :-)