Friday Random Rants

Weapons of Mass Destruction – Did they or didn’t they? That argument will go on for a long time (at least until November) but there are far more important questions to be asked and answered. Like, if David Kay is right that this was an "intelligence failure", how did our spies (and the British for that matter) get this so completely and totally wrong? Who is responsible for making sure the system gets fixed so this kind of crap doesn’t happen again? And who gets fired over this fiasco? One suggestion: next time, send in Napoleon Solo and Sydney Bristow instead of Maxwell Smart and Frank Drebin.

The Primaries – Although I know I should be paying attention, it’s very hard. I’m completely sick of every news source spending almost every second or line of type to "handicap" the race and analyze the polls instead of dealing with issues and giving us some idea of the candidates’ positions. Don’t tell me to look at their web sites. If I want someone to tell me pretty lies, I can watch television commercials.

Snow Days – Love them!! Even if I have to go to work on snowy days, we often get a delayed opening. That means the traffic is lighter and the whole day seems a little less stressful.

The Mars Rovers – For less than a tenth of the cost to send a man to Mars (the real cost, not W’s bargain basement fantasy), scientists are getting some good information about the planet and we get some spectacular pictures. (Although it does look a little like the drive across southern New Mexico.) Considering how screwed up the computers can get in my office when we can actually touch them, I’m amazed that these NASA guys can diagnose and fix the Spirit at this distance.

The Super Bowl – Who’s playing? Who cares? The TiVo is fully stocked with alternatives!