Evidently Pixar has decided to split with Disney and find another partner to make their animated films. It’s probably just as well since this deal has been lopsided to say the least. Pixar brought all the talent and imagination to Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Disney brought… what? Distribution and the ability to wring every last dime out of a character. Not exactly a fair and balanced partnership. According to reports, Disney is preparing a computer-generated animated movie of their own, something called Chicken Little. I hope they remember that it’s not the computer that makes the difference, it’s the story, characters and the marriage of voice to character. The dismal quality of recent non-Pixar-produced Disney animated films isn’t a positive sign.

One more thing. Several articles on this story have called Steve Jobs the "founder" of Pixar. Jobs bought the company from George Lucas in 1986 for $10 million. Then he was smart enough to stand back and let John Lassiter (who comes as close as anyone to being the founder) and his talented group have free reign to tell their stories. Watching a Pixar film, short or long, it’s easy to tell that the creators had fun doing it and they’re working their butts off trying to give you a good time as well. As long as that remains, it won’t matter who distributes the films.