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Not On The Test – The Musical

In just a couple of minutes of song, folk singer Tom Chapin clearly explains why No Child Left Behind is a detriment to American education.

Thinking’s important. It’s good to know how.
And someday you’ll learn to, but someday’s not now.
Go on to sleep, now. You need your rest.
Don’t think about thinking. It’s not on the test.

However, it’s the video for Not On The Test that really sells it.

Go watch, enjoy, and pass it along.

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  1. Betty

    I absolutely love the video and will definitely pass it along. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kathyf

    Song really resonates. As one of my friends wrote on his new blog,
    it’s increasingly difficult to derive joy from being teachers. The Bush administration has clearly been wrongheaded in the implementation of NCLB, a deeply flawed law.

  3. Poor_Statue

    I passed it along. It’s too true.

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