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Blogging is Subversive

Clarence Fisher has an excellent post in which he expresses some very real concerns about whether blogging in the classroom is a dangerous act for teachers.

After reviewing several recent reports of teachers forced to close their blogs and even fired, he wonders about the nature of blogging.

This sends a chill through me. Has blogging in the classroom become a political act? It is possible.

Blogging is subversive. It allows both students and teachers access to information and voices from around the world. It allows us circumvent department of education approved texts and videos. It allows us to consider our options, become literate informed sources and voices. In many ways, it allows us to be human, connected with each other and honest about our difficulties and failings.

Is this too much for conservative Western education systems?

In the comments section of his entry, Clarence notes how much of the discussion on this topic centers around fear. But he has already offered the reason for this fear in the post itself: blogging is subversive.

Think about it. Many tools are available on the web that allow anyone, teacher or student, to publish directly to the larger world, without editors, without middlemen. No permission necessary.

That’s scary stuff to many people – educators, parents, and others – who are used to controlling the flow of information, both in and out of the classroom.

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Hi Tim,

    Interesting. This is the topic I addressed in my contribution to the Bloggers Cafe in Leading & Learning coming out in June. Being subversive, but keeping one’s job. (Based on this blog entry: http://doug-johnson.squarespace.com/blue-skunk-blog/2007/1/26/blogging-and-a-little-common-sense.html

    We need subversives in the field!

    All the best,


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