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WordPress Upgrade

If any of you out there are running WordPress as the engine for your blogging, you might want to keep an eye out for the release of version 2.5 later this month.

Earlier this week they made a beta version of the software available and I’ve been playing with it on a test site for the last few days to see how it works.

While I haven’t dug into every corner, first impressions are that the folks at WP have done an excellent job with this new version, completely redesigning the back end to make it simpler and easier for non-techies to use.

And that’s on top of the great web publishing tool they already had.

More thoughts later after I have the chance to bang on it some more.

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  1. Benjamin Baxter

    I like the new Dashboard. Pretty.

    Not sure about the orange, but whatever.

  2. Tim

    Actually, I rather like the orange color scheme.

    There is a big problem with the default colors used, however. The text color used by the Hello, Dolly! plug-in is the same as the background color so the lyrics don’t show. Tragic! :-)

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