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Open Source Observation Lounge

Around the convention center at this year’s NECC, the organizers have scattered various lounge areas dedicated to specific topics of interest.

The Blogger’s Lounge is in an interesting space which has a large picture window overlooking the exhibit area.

Bloggers Cafe

There’s probably nothing significant about that.

However, it does make for a very surreal contrast between the free and open source resources being advocated by many edubloggers and the very closed, profit-driven products being sold on the floor.

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  1. Stephanie Sandifer

    Interesting observation Tim. I’m not at NECC this year, but at the recent TCEA conference I had similar thoughts go through my head regarding the exhibit hall. While there wasn’t a Blogger’s Cafe at TCEA, I was walking around the exhibit floor thinking of the open source or other free resources that I have access to that work just as well — if not better — than the commercial products that the vendors were trying to sell.

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