Photo Post – Pandemic Winter

Studying the Portrait

Because of the ongoing feeling of pandemic languishing combined with regular winter blahs, I haven’t been up for doing any photography projects in the past few months.

But I have managed to make a few interesting images during my occasional walks through some of the many museums we are fortunate to have in DC.

So, this collection shows some of the people who also ventured out of COVID seclusion to view something that might inspire their souls. More of my images are in this gallery, and I’ll probably add more at some point. Hope you enjoy them.

The photo at the top is from the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery and Museum of American Art, one of my favorite retreats in the city.

Scoping Out The Reflection

One morning while wandering through the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art, I ran across a photography tour that included these guys looking for images reflected in the glass barriers of the lobby.


Some museum visitors have absolutely no interest in the exhibits. This young lady was passing time with her tablet while her parents played with an interactive display at the Spy Museum.


I got caught pointing my camera down from the second floor of the Smithsonian Museum of American History. I think she was more tired than upset. In normal times, this area is very crowded, even during the “off season”. These are, of course, not normal times.

Remote Expert 2

In the main lobby of the Library of Congress, this screen was available so visitors could hear about the history of the place from a specialist, who was probably working from home.

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    1. tim

      Thanks, Jim. We all can use a little more inspiration (I’m always looking!) and I’m happy if my photos offer a little boost to make more images.


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