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Photo Post – The FUTURES

Welcome to The FUTURES

This spring, the Smithsonian is presenting a special exhibit in their Arts and Industries building (the second oldest in the institution, opened in 1881) all about the future.

Or rather FUTURES.

It’s a fun exhibition that’s more creative and interactive than most of the usual Smithsonian presentations. Hopefully, this means they will be incorporating these ideas into their other museums where the standard displays tend to be rather flat, unengaging, and traditional.1

Anyway, here are a few images from my recent visit, with more in this gallery. My friend and photo partner Kathy has a different view of the exhibit in her gallery.

The photo at the top of this post is the view as you come through the door.

Rolling Photographer

More museums (especially art galleries) should include better seating, something beyond the standard bench. These rings certainly offer a different perspective.

Space-Age Uber

Why do these visions of future transportation options rarely include public mass transit? Instead of devices like this prototype self-driving, hybrid-electric sky taxi. It’s interesting, but practical?

Touchless Response

Perhaps in deference to pandemic sensibilities, the exhibition collects feedback from visitors through these touchless kiosks. The Smithsonian needs to keep and improve (the interface was a little glitchy) the concept.

Space Suit

A lighter, more flexible suit, designed at MIT, for working in space or other harsh environments. Not sure why this figure is climbing a wall.

1. I’ve ranted about the Smithsonian’s lack of engagement several times in this space.

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    Hey, I read this little corner of the Web. Always loved the Smithsonian. Taken both my son and grandsons there over the years.


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