Last month I broke quarantine for a day to go on a socially-distant, masked, small-group photoshoot in a 19th century woolen mill in southern Pennsylvania. While the building appears to be from the latter part of that century, the equipment in place looks to be more recent, maybe from the 1930’s and 40’s.

Here are a few images from my day and more are in this gallery.

The Mill

A beautiful, if very hot, day for making photos. The river made a wonderful mirror.

Long Machine

A very large spinning machine (I think that’s what it is), even more impressive when you realize it was powered by water.

Wheel and Belt

Part of an elaborate system for getting power from the water wheel to the different equipment on the upper two floors.


Not sure why, but there were several old cans of cooking oil in various places around the mill. Maybe it was used for lubrication. Love the Southern Comfort bottle in this collection.