How would you define “privacy”?

According to the principal deputy director of national intelligence, whatever concept is in the minds of most Americans is “antiquated and unreasonable”.

Americans need to shift their definition of privacy [from anonymity] to center instead on the proper maintenance and protection of personal data by government and business entities. Kerr said that “privacy, I would offer, is a system of laws, rules, and customs with an infrastructure of Inspectors General, oversight committees, and privacy boards on which our intelligence community commitment is based and measured. And it is that framework that we need to grow and nourish and adjust as our cultures change.”

So, in the brave new world outlined by this guy, everyone should stop worrying about all the information being collected about them. It really doesn’t matter what business and government collect in those huge databases.

A collection of laws, oversight committees, and government agencies will protect your privacy.

Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Me neither.

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