The headline on the front page of the Wednesday Post reads “Rhee to resign as schools chancellor”.

Ok, not unexpected.

Below that is this subheader

D.C. official’s departure leaves questions about future of reform

I have a question: What during her three year tenure as head of the DC school system qualified as “reform”?

Certainly she upset the teachers’ union by trying to change the structure by which their members would be paid and firing several hundred of them.

Rhee pissed off more than few neighborhoods by closing buildings and replacing beloved principals, which in turn rattled members of the DC council who heard from their constituents.

And, of course, student achievement (aka test scores) rose during her time in charge.  Primarily due to a greater emphasis on preparing kids to take the exams.

But does any of that qualify as “reform”?

If guess if the Post says it does, it must be so.