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Reluctantly Throwing Stones

As someone who does a lot of training sessions, I’m very reluctant to criticize the presentation styles of others. After all, I’m sure there are many people who avoid any sessions with my name attached.

Having said that, however, the last hour was one of the worst conference sessions I’ve ever attended. Bad pacing, poor visuals, monotone voice, failure to get to the point.

So, why didn’t I walk out? Comfortable chair (after a long drive), good wifi connection, nothing else in the other rooms that caught my interest.

At least the conference can only go up from here. :-)

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  1. Miguel Guhlin

    Gads, man, you’re describing my type of presentation. Why not share how you would have done it better? I’ll certainly do my best to live up to your standards .

    Take care,

  2. Barry

    Hi Tim,
    Been reading you for a while now; first time commenter.

    I agree with you completely. Without even giving much of a description, you painted the picture I see at so many academic presentations at conferences and workshops. There is nothing I hate more than being talked AT for an hour, except maybe by the 5% of the academic population who really have something amazing to say and are good at saying it.

    The ones that kill me are where the presentation topic is all about interactivity but then you get nothing more than one-way communication. Of course, I also love it when someone reads their PPT slides to me. Another favorite of mine is where the published session description has nothing to do with what they are actually presenting. Attended one last month about the topic of “academic freedom in online courses” and the term “academic freedom” never came up once.

    I too am thankful for the wireless connections; I get some of my best work done while waiting for a boring presentation to end.

  3. Doug Johnson

    Been there. Wrote the following to help those who may not present on a regular basis.


    Doesn’t it make you pity the students when these are teachers doing the presenting?

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