Too Many Odds and Ends

The blogging has been light around here as I wrap up some things and head for the Virginia Society for Technology in Education conference in glamourous downtown Roanoke, Virginia. I’ll be leaving very early tomorrow morning since the sessions start around 1.

Fortunately, my first workshop isn’t until late Monday afternoon. It’s called Web 2.0 in the Classroom (not entirely happy with that title) and I’m still figuring out how much of my three or four days worth of material I can fit into 2-1/2 hours.

Although getting to any conference can be a hassle, it’s always great to get there and learn what’s going on in other places. Too many people in our district still think of it as the center of the education universe and that’s not a particularly healthy attitude.

As much as I enjoy VSTE, however, my real reward will arrive after I get back. Apple tells me that my new MacBook Pro is in the air somewhere between Shanghai and here. Be nice to it FedEx!

vste, conference, macbook pro