It was revealed today that Google has purchased Writely, a web-based word processor that allows a user to edit their documents from anywhere. Did I mention the files created can be download and are interchangeable with Word?

The overly large school district for which I work pays lots of money every year so that most users in the system can use only 20% of the capabilities of Word. Then there are support issues like software updates and the pain of moving files around on various media.

Imagine if we could offer teachers and students word processing capability, with access to any of their documents from almost any computer connected to the net – at home or school – and the ability to share those documents with anyone. Free (or close to it).

Do you hear a faint whimpering you coming from the Northwest US? It’s the sound of a certain Big Monopoly realizing that the days of their expensive, bloated office suite may be numbered.

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