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Savings? Not So Much

Remember all the recent noise about changing the start of daylight saving time to an earlier date?

The Congress critters who sponsored the legislation (which also ends the stupidity a few weeks later than “normal”) claimed we would see all kinds of energy savings.

It seems they were wrong. And apparently they were also pretty much the only ones who believed in the plan in the first place.

As it turns out, the US Department of Energy (and almost everyone else except members of Congress) was correct when they predicted that there would be little energy savings. This echoed concerns voiced after a similar experiment was attempted in Australia. Critics pointed out a basic fact: the gains in the morning will be offset by the losses at night, and vice-versa, at both ends of the switch. That appears to be exactly what happened.

DST is just one more example of our “leaders” playing with simple trivialities while avoiding the hard decisions that come with creating a real national energy policy.

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  1. Ms Cornelius

    All that you say is true, and yet….

    I hate it when the sun goes down at 5 pm. I love DST, whether it saves us energy or not.

  2. Rob

    I found this ‘energy savings’ quite interesting. Although I did not do thorough research, I questioned the true return. Maybe it was a way to ‘create jobs’ for the economy.

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