If we can’t have a snow day, a two hour late start is a nice consolation prize. When it comes to winter weather, it doesn’t take a whole lot of snow in this area to shut down the schools. In fact, most teachers I know count on at least a few snow days during the year! Come February they’ll be doing the snow dance right along with the kids.

The big problem this year is that we’ve already used two of our three "snow days" for the hurricane in September. If we go over three they start by converting teacher work days to school days and then taking holidays. Eventually, if we lose enough days to snow as we did last year, the system adds an additional half hour to the school day. That "solution" is all for show since students must have a certain number of hours in class, which is a very artificial measure. Adding the extra time three quarters of the way through the school year is a royal pain and does nothing to improve learning.

Nevertheless – Let it snow!