Return To The Moon – According to speculation this is one of several "unifying national goals" that W and his friends are considering for next year. But, unless there is some real, valid science behind this plan then it’s nothing more than a cynical public relations stunt, something this administration is becoming good at.

Cell Phone Ads – Since the FCC rules allowing people to take their numbers with them when they switch phone providers, the service plans have become more confusing, with more fine print than ever. And that’s on top of all the hype to sell games on itty-bitty screens, even more annoying ring tones, and the ability to violate even more privacy with pocket cameras. Just give me reasonably priced service that works!

Holiday Music – Tis the season for crappy versions of good songs and an assortment of just plain lousy music. I’ve already heard too much of the Chipmunks, wailing divas, and an infinite assortment of elevator versions of every Christmas song ever written. And we still have almost four weeks left in the "season".

The Cat In The Hat – I haven’t seen the movie and probably won’t. Just from the way the character is being used in seemingly dozens of ads, Dr. Seuss must be spinning in his grave. I’d rather remember the book, which was simple, charming and imaginative – everything the Grinch book also was and the Grinch movie (by the same producers) was not.

Reagan On The Dime – Whatever happened to the concept of at least waiting until a person is gone before memorializing them? In the case of presidents, history should decide whether monuments are deserved. Right now there isn’t enough distance between here and the 80’s for much more than twenty hours of trivialities on VH1.