The No Child Left Behind Act is an unfunded mandate that threatens to undermine the our own efforts to improve students’ performance.

The law "represents the most sweeping intrusions into state and local control of education in the history of the United States," and will cost "literally millions of dollars that [the state] does not have."

"This could cost us more money than the money coming in from the federal government."

"the damn law is ludicrous."

Statements from the Democratic candidates for President? The words of the leader of one of the big teacher’s unions? A speech by a school superintendent? No, no, no. This is the opinion of the Virginia House of Delegates in a resolution passed this week. And lest you think this was one of those "divided along party line" votes, it was approved by a 98-1 margin with every one of the majority Republicans voting for it. It’s nice to see that even the most radically right of our representatives (and we have a few!) understand that NCLB has some major problems with it’s implementation. It’s just too bad they weren’t paying attention a couple of years ago.