In a comment to my regular Friday rant, Vito from Blog of a Math Teacher noted that the only TV "news" program he watches is The Daily Show. I was ready to respond that I feel the same way, except that’s not quite true. As much as I’ve ranted about the mess that is network and cable news, I must confess to enjoying one network news program. CBS Sunday Morning is the most intelligent program, news or otherwise, on the air and they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this morning.

I’m not paying close attention this morning since the whole program is clips from past broadcasts, but normally the show is an excellent collection of the kind of long, in-depth pieces on non-headline stories that other news programs gave up on a long time ago (60 Minutes is the only exception and they dropped from my top tier of programs with the booking of Michael Jackson). Even the human interest stories on Sunday Morning are worth watching since the producers don’t dwell in the tabloid, make-you-weep-by-any-means type of reporting that’s taken over every other magazine show. Incidentally, this show has no connection to the regular weekday CBS morning program which reeks. Sunday Morning is an island of civility in the middle of all the screaming and worth 90 minutes of my time.

While I’m in the cultural confessional, I also have to admit to becoming addicted to a "reality" show. I’ve sampled lots of the other programs in this category but for some reason none caught my interest like The Apprentice. I’m not sure why, but even Donald Trump, as sleazy a human being as you’re likely to see in this world, is great in his role as the puppet master/villian of the piece. Sure, I know this isn’t really reality, that the producers have set up the situations and edited the show to tell a story. But it’s an interesting story that’s usually fun (with a few bursts from the TiVo fast forward) and that’s all I demand from my mindless entertainment.