By my count, one that is likely off a little bit, the Washington Post paper edition published more than 40 different stories about their own sale between Wednesday, the day after it was announced, and today. I have no idea how many variations of them appeared on the website.

That total includes feature stories (at least one on the front page on four of six days), specialized writing in the Style and Business sections1, multiple profiles of the new owner, regular2 and guest columns, and opinion page pieces. One at the top of the Sunday main page gave a byline to six different writers so they are devoting many people to this effort.

I understand this is a major local story, and potentially a significant shift for the business of journalism in general, but at what point does news reporting cross over into obsession3?

1 Never thought to check the Sports section or the real estate listings.

2 George Will has been writing in the Post for 40 years??? That’s one starting point for the new owner.

3 Fox counts as obsession that never began with news reporting.