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Something’s Missing From The Podcast

Over the past week there’s been a pretty steady flow of recordings from sessions being posted at NECCs official podcast channel.

But, unless I’m missing something (always possible), it seems that the program is not really a “podcast”, at least not by any definition I understand.

The RSS feed for the series doesn’t contain any information about the media files so they don’t show up in my aggregator.

There’s no apparent way to subscribe in iTunes, even following the instructions on the NECC site to search for “conference connections”

And the files are in QuickTime, which won’t load into my iPod (or most other players, I’d bet).

All of which is really odd since the programs are hosted by Apple.

You’d think they would understand the concept of podcasting.

Update (7/5): In the comments Kelly points me in the right direction to find the NECC feed in iTunes. I guess I just couldn’t spell the words in that difficult phrase correctly the first three times I looked for it. :-)

If I can throw in just one more little gripe, why didn’t they include the keyword NECC somewhere in the entry so we could search on that?

I know. I just need to stop typing and go to work.

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  1. Kelly Dumont

    Tim, you are right about the confusion on the NECC website. However they are part of the Conference Connections series done by Tim Wilson and other Apple ADE’s. Search in iTunes for Conference Connections and subscribe to that feed.

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