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That Fan’s Gonna Cost Ya

In the battle to balance the budget, schools districts have tried a lot of stupid things.

But when it comes to dumb ideas, this one sets the bar pretty high.

Plugging in those personal amenities at work will cost teachers and employees money in a small, but growing, number of school districts. By making employees who bring in fans, space heaters and other small devices pay a fee to offset the electricity those appliances use, district administrators think they have a promising new way to help control costs after years of budget cuts. Grosse Pointe Public Schools initiated a “pay to plug” measure last spring, and Chippewa Valley Public Schools is considering doing the same for this fall.

Next step: faculty pay toilets.

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Hello? Happy teachers = happy students. Unhappy teachers = unhappy students.

    I wonder what the balance sheet will show in cost savings after the school goes to the expense of replacing teachers who move on to better work environments?


  2. Chris Lehmann

    What other profession would have to put up with this? Seriously… why do people think teachers will just keep putting up with conditions that every other profession in the world would reject?


  3. Rachel Boyd

    This is truly unbelievable!
    Surely the comfort and happiness of teachers is crucial for us to be able to do our job well. I love Doug’s thought above about happy teachers = happy students….. and all this to save a few lousy bucks!
    They wouldn’t DARE do this to us in NZ!

  4. J.D. Williams

    The district I work in use to have a policy like this in place. I think it was something like a $25 fee for the year. I’m not 100% sure though because that was before I started working in the district. Now we can not (well, are not suppose to) plug anything in that wasn’t provided by the school or approved by the district. Refrigerators, coffee pots and other appliances are completely banned.

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