Spring Cleaning


It has been far too long since I’ve done any serious maintenance on this site.

Which led me to take some time during this relatively quiet holiday weekend to find and install a new theme. Something simple, easy to manage, and that is supposed to work better with the current version of WordPress.

Since I haven’t done anything like this in quite a while, I was surprised at how much I actually remembered about web technologies. I’m sure the system will need some tweaking, and there are likely some bugs that need to be found and eliminated. Hopefully, nothing serious.

At the same time, I also deleted a whole bunch of irrelevant content, some of it going back a decade or more. Tutorials for software that no longer exists, digital handouts for sessions that are way outdated, and pages of no longer needed technology advice.

As with a physical house, if you remain in the same digital space long enough, the crap just piles up. Good riddance. 

The old truism says that nothing ever disappears from the internet. Let’s put that to the test. Much of my once valuable stuff (at least to me) can probably be retrieved from the Wayback Machine should anyone actually want it, but that doesn’t mean I need to hang onto it.

Anyway, moving on to a much more difficult problem: creating something worthy of this shiny new wrapper.

Above we have a rowing team moving forward up the Potomac. Not the greatest metaphor, but it will have to do.

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