Stuff From Other Places

The Outlook section of the Post is full of good writing today, which is why all of today’s rants have started there. I was going to do another on the stupidity in George Will’s column but I’m tired. Besides Joe at Shut Up and Teach has already done a much better job than I could by providing the background that Will conveniently left out. A very good analysis that is required reading.

Also very much worth your time is the Advocate Weekly, hosted this week by Shari at An old soul. The Advocates are a loose association (can I call it a conspiracy? :-) of blogs, including this one, who’s owners write in support of the intelligent reform of public education. The Weekly is a sampling of recent writings as selected by our host.

Finally, another stop everyone should make on their way around the web is the most recent Carnival of Education with hosting returned to The Education Wonks this week. It’s been up since Wednesday which means I’m very late to the midway but the writing is still fresh and interesting.