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AI Will Be Boring

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One of the holy grails of artificial intelligence has always been development of stand-alone tutoring systems. Bots that will help students learn without any of that pesky human interaction.

However, an IBM scientist who spent years trying to build one using the company’s high-profile Watson AI tool, says “we’ll have flying cars before we will have AI tutors.”

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We’ve Been Here Before


In a previous post, I mentioned that many of the sessions at our annual edtech conference, focused on the use of artificial intelligence in the classroom.

I didn’t get to see more than a few minutes of any of those presentations, but since then I’ve reviewed some of the materials posted by the speakers and read much more about the ideas being presented for the use of AI in education.

And it all seems very familiar.

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Coding For All… Bots

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Although we’ve been teaching kids to write programs for computers since the first day we brought them into the classroom, it’s only been relatively recently that we heard the call from educators, politicians, and pundits to have coding for all!

Maybe we should even have every kid train to become an app developer, because that’s where the money was going. Or something like that.

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