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Getting Out of Town

I’m heading off tomorrow morning, threading my way through the increasingly disfunctional US air transport system, to San Antonio and NECC.

While I’m looking forward to the conference, it’s the sidebars to the official program that are much more attractive this year.

More than 150 people have indicated they will be attending EduBloggerCon/Classroom 2.0 on Saturday and that should make for a very interesting day of discussions.

On the “regular” conference days I’ll be dropping in on some of the growing collection of “fringe” activities that will be going on in the Blogger’s Cafe.

Then there’s all manner of conversations and impromptu learning opportunities that will occur all over the convention center. I suppose the only way to know about them is to keep your ears – and Twitter – open.

And, of course, there’s San Antonio, which is a beautiful city for a meeting like this, not to mention the great Tex-Mex food.

Do I Have To Listen To That?

I’m not a frequent flyer, but this doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

While airlines in the United States have shunned the use of cellphones in flight, some European and Mideast carriers are preparing to offer the service as early as this summer.

I wonder if the airlines would consider setting up cell-phone free sections.

Of course they’d probably try to charge more for them when they should be tacking on a large fee for those who want the privilege of abusing other passengers with phone pollution.

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