If You’re Not With Us…

On the Post web site, education writer Valerie Strauss has a list of Things I’m Sick of Hearing when it comes to critics of the people calling themselves school “reformers”.

You know, folks like me who think there’s a better way to educate kids than testing them to death.

Who recognize that most charter schools are not all that innovative, often using the same teaching structure, curriculum, and materials as public schools, while filtering out students they don’t want.

Who understand that schools cannot operate in isolation from their students’ home lives and the socio-economic communities around them.

And want to have a serious discussion about what it means to be well-educated and the purpose of school.

Which means anyone who challenges their vision of reform must…

a) love the status quo (and hate “innovation”),

b) be big supporters of teacher unions (and thus lousy/lazy teachers),

c) not want the best for kids.

Yeah, I’m sick of that crap attitude as well.