I’ve never seen much use for celebrating the start of a new year on this particular day, for reasons you can read in these posts if you would like.

However, this year I’m making an exception. Considering the amount of personal and professional crap that piled up by the end of 2013, capped off by a particularly depressing “holiday” season, I’m feeling like a reboot is in order. Some big changes are in order.

At this point I have no idea how that change will manifest itself. Someone wiser than me observed that big changes always come in the form of many small alterations so that philosophy will make a good foundation. I do know that one of those small steps will be creating more content on the web, both in these spaces and elsewhere, for better or worse.

So today is the beginning of what will be a productive, happy, and successful year for me. I hope 2014 is the same for you, however you define those metrics.

changePhoto: one perspective on change