This week Adobe is supposed announce details of the next versions of their major creative titles like Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

While I’ve been a fairly regular updater for many of their products (and the former Macromedia) over the years, I’m probably going to take a pass this time around.

Maybe for good.

Looking around my Applications folder I realize that I already have plenty of free or much less expensive alternatives that will do everything I need in terms of image, web page, and video editing.

Photoshop = Graphic Converter (or Photoshop Elements if you really want the PS experience)
GoLive/Dreamweaver = BBEdit + NVU
Acrobat = Mac OS X will create pdf documents and I rarely need to edit them
InDesign = Apple Pages has plenty of basic page layout templates
Premiere = iMovie (or Final Cut Express if you need more)
Soundbooth = Garage Band or Audacity
Illustrator, Fireworks, Contribute, After Effects = don’t need them

The only new version I’ll even look at is Flash but considering I’m hardly maxing out the version I have now, I doubt I’ll get that either.

Considering the way Adobe is over stuffing the feature set of their programs (not to mention their prices!), it’s time to look elsewhere.

I probably won’t be lining up for the new version of Office later this year either.

So, what’s in your wallet hard drive?

Update (3/26): I added the appropriate links. I should have also mentioned that some of these programs are Mac only.

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