They’re Just Too Popular

Evidently the “testing industry” is having trouble keeping up with the demand for their products. As a result the companies are screwing up the administration and scoring of the exams they sell.

It shouldn’t be hard to figure out why.

But experts say the problems are more widespread and are likely to get worse. A handful of companies create, print and score most of the tests in the U.S. and they’re struggling with a workload that has exploded since President Bush signed the education reform package in 2002.

“The testing industry in the U.S. is buckling under the weight of NCLB demands,” said Thomas Toch, co-director of Education Sector, a Washington-based think tank.

According to the article, by the end of 2008 states will have spent between $1.9 and $5.3 billion on testing. Some critics say that’s not nearly enough to develop “high quality” tests in a relatively short period of time.

However, I would ask, aren’t there better ways to spend that money for real teaching and learning?

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  1. Anne Davis

    All this money being spent on testing drives me right up the wall! Your question is excellent and every legislator needs to answer it! Plus some others higher up !!

    I really enjoy reading your blog – you have such good thoughtful, quality posts!

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