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The Changing Universe

Astronomers are getting ready to make science textbooks obsolete. Later this month, a panel of them will recommend that the International Astronomical Union expand our solar system from nine planets to 12.

Maybe it’s also time to make the whole concept of a printed, hardback textbook obsolete. Information resources schools replace every five to seven years – at least four to six years past their accuracy.

I’d bet the Wikibooks article on the Solar System is updated the day the report is released. How soon will updated textbooks land in schools?

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  1. Andrew Pass

    Sure wikis will be updated faster. Sure our textbooks will become outdated faster. However, some of our schools will still use textbooks. If you are a teacher that uses a textbook you might encourage your students to read selections of the textbook with the intention of conducting further research to determine if the selections are still accurate. This process will teach students to think critically and remain skeptical about what they read.

    Andrew Pass

  2. Techmuse

    Interesting–in our “overly large” school system elementary science instruction has always been “kit-based” not textbook based. There were a series of trade books to go along with each science kit.
    We have just recently adopted a science text for 6th grade–but it is supposed to be supplemental, not basal. It will be interesting to see how many folks abandon the kits and try and teach straight out of the book.

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